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High Protein

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Super Delicious

HighLine Pure creates healthy superfood snacks that help you sustain an active lifestyle. Our products contain delicious, natural ingredients with gobs of plant protein and a powerful mix of superfoods that give you the energy and nutrients you need to dominate everyday life. 

Power up at breakfast.

Energize at the gym.

Beautify your skin with antioxidants.

Indulge your cravings.



From gluten-free oats to organic chia seeds to raw walnuts, we start with quality ingredients in their purest form. Then we add superfoods like goji berries with alkaline to hydrate your skin. Maca to increase energy and regulate mood. Spirulina with iron and vitamins to build immunity and reduce inflammation. And hemp seeds with essential amino acids to balance hormones.



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Superfood balls are a healthy new creation exclusively from HighLine Pure. Each raw, 100% natural ball contains plant-based protein and a unique combination of potent superfoods so you can choose a different health-boosting snack any time of day. Superfood balls not only keep you energized, they keep you looking and feeling your best.

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