No Quit November

Here we are in that period between the end of warm weather and what we know is going to be busiest time of the year. With the holidays comes a lot of food, parties, and plenty of excuses to not eat right or exercise. But here’s the kicker, we can allow ourselves to have some of those delectable treats and maybe an extra glass of wine or two at those parties if we are diligent and consistent with exercise and if we plan ahead when we know we won’t be able to properly cook a full meal. Here are a few ways we can stay with it in November as we hurtle toward the holidays:


1. Find a workout buddy!

One of the most effective ways I hold myself accountable is by having someone who will text me in the morning to get me out of bed even though it’s all warm and snugly inside and crisp and dark outside. I schedule workouts with a friend who plans on my presence at the gym, and vice versa. It’s motivating! And it makes it just a bit harder for me to hit the snooze button for the fifth time.


2. Get into a program.

I like to set my weekly program in the notes section of my phone and then I try to stick to my daily plan.  I also really like some of the apps out there because they not only help direct my workouts but keep me honest about how I plan to achieve my goals. Just starting out, food journaling, such as My Fitness Pal keeps me honest about what I am really eating. There are also many fitness professionals on Instagram that provide tips on exercise routines for home or at the gym. Personally, Sweat with Kayla is my absolute favorite. It’s a complete lifestyle guide. Not only does she give a planner for exercise, but she also posts meals with recipes and a weekly grocery list. It doesn’t get better than that!


3. Find some inspiration.

We all need some sort of motivation, whether internal or external. I know I do!  Motivation can be as simple as wanting to be healthier, preparing for a big event, trying to lose weight, or training for a marathon. Regardless of the goal, big or small, making progress will require motivation. I find inspiration in daily quotes. Others find it in friends, family, or mentors. Either way, finding something or someone that’s inspirational is the key!


4. Mix it up.  

I love trying new fitness classes. I know I have a very difficult time changing up my routine but as soon as I try a new class I learn something new and meet new people. This helps me stay motivated and keep things interesting!


5. Try a new recipe.

I love food. And I like to flatter my taste buds by trying new food. One of my favorite activities is trying a new recipe, whether a full meal or a dessert to satisfy my cravings. I like to go to the farmers market and experiment with new vegetables or try to discover new ways to cook my favorite vegetables. No one wants to stick to a bland, basic diet. That’s no fun and frankly, not very motivating. I also love to pin new recipes. Pinterest is a must! I have fun searching different kinds of recipes and even when I don’t know what I want I am bound to find something new and creative scrolling through #healthyrecipes.